NameMembership No.CertificationType of MembershipEducation & Professional QualificationSpecialties in Sustainable DevelopmentProfession
Lee Ngok
(Permanent Member)
P0001CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)JP, PhD, Hon EdD, Hon D Uni (Oxford Brookes & Leeds Met)Sustainable Development Policy, Training & ManagementProfessor
Angela WY Cheung
(Permanent Member)
P0002CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)MBE, JP, Hon EdD (EDUHK)Sustainable EducationVice President, UNESCO HKA
Frank HK Fu
(Permanent Member)
P0003CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)MH, JP, DPE (Springfield), International Fellow of the National Academy of Kinesiology, USAHealth & WellnessProfessor
Pang Chung
(Permanent Member)
P0004CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)SBS, Hon Secretary General, Sports Federation & Olympic Committee (1993 - 2015)Sustainable Development in Sports/
Leisure & Cultural Management
Ronnie MC Wong
(Permanent Member)
P0005CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)MH, JP, Hon Secretary General, Sports Federation & Olympic CommitteeSustainable Development in Sports/
Leisure and Cultural Management
Jason KY Chan
(Permanent Member)
P0006CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)JP, EdD (Bristol), Member, Property Management Authority Services, HK ChinaEducation for Sustainable DevelopmentIT
Samson CW Ma
(Permanent Member)
P0007CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)Dr.Sc, PhD, Ed.D, DBA, FIMC, CMC®, CMC-AF, FBCS, CITP, FIFC, CFC®, FinstLMSustainable Business, Engineering & Information Technology Management Consultant, Visiting Professor
Florence YC Yim
(Permanent Member)
P0008CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)DBA, CHESustainable Hotel, Service & TourismLecturer
Gryphon Sou
(Permanent Member)
P0009CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)DMgt(SCU), EdD(UTS), PEng(Int), IngPEur, CBuildESustainable EngineeringProfessor
Shirley Yeung
(Permanent Member)
P0010CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)DBA (CityU Macao), Member, UNPRME Working Group on Sustainability MindsetSustainable Business & ManagementEducation Consultant
Stephanie W Lee
(Permanent Member)
P0011CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)PhD (HKU), Member, HK Fleet Operations Advisory CommitteeSustainable Wellness & Public Health (Mental Health)Senior Lecturer
Angus WH Yip
(Permanent Member)
P0012CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)MSt (Cantab), CFP Sustainable Financing & InvestmentConsultant & Lecturer
Mike SF Hui
(Permanent Member)
P0013CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)MSc (CUHK), CFASustainable Financing & InvestmentConsultant & Lecturer
Karen Q. Cheung
(Permanent Member)
P0014CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)Director, Hong Kong Institute of Education for Sustainable DevelopmentEducation for Sustainable DevelopmentEducation Consultant
Ei-ichi Negish10001CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)PhD (U Penn), Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2010SustainabilityScientist
Gerry Postiglione10002CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)PhD (SUNNY ALBANY)Education for Sustainable DevelopmenProfessor
Peter R Hills10003CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)PhD (Aston), Hon MHKIPSustainabilityProfessor
David W K Yeung10004CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)Dr h c (St. Petersburg), Co-director, Centre of Game Theory at Saint PetersburgSustainable EconomyProfessor
C L Jenkins10005CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)PhD (Strathclyde)Sustainable Hospitality & TourismProfessor
Albert Lee10006CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)MB, BS (London), MPH (CUHK), FRCS (London & Ireland)Public HealthProfessor
Victor Sit10007CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)PhD (London), Deputy, National People’s Congress, the People’s Republic of China (1993 – 2008)Sustainable CitiesProfessor
John Cribbin10008CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)EdD (Nottingham), Chairman, Cricket Hong KongLifelong LearningDeputy Director (HKU Space)
Glenn Shive10009CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)PhD (Temple)Global PartnershipProfessor
Garbo Go10010CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)PhD (Queensland)Global PartnershipProfessor
Anne Carver10011CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)MA (Cantab), Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales, Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Hong KongCriminal Justice & Public OrderProfessor
Carlos Lo10012CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)PhD (Flinders)SustainabilityProfessor
Raymond Yuk Ming Chan10013CSDPCSDP FHKIS, FRICS, FCABE, MCIOB, MCIArb SustainabilityManaging Director of building surveying consultancy firm
Lena Fung10014CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)PhD (UBC)Sustainable WellnessProfessor
Peter KW Fong10015CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)PhD (NYU), FHKYP, MPIASustainable UrbanizationProfessor
FT Chan10016CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)PhD (HKU), MHKIESustainable TechnologyAssociate Vice President, UNESCO HKA
Edith YL Leung10017CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)MeCh (Maquarie)Early Childhood EducationPrincipal Lecturer
Tamara Savelyeva10018CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)PhD (Virginia Tech)Sustainability & Environmental ManagementAssistant Professor
TM Kwong10019CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)PhD (Georgia), HON FKHKIHSmart CitiesAssociate Professor
CY Wong10020CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)DSc, PhD, CMC-AF, FCMC, FCMI, FIIM, MIEAust, Chartered Professional Engineer (Mechanical), Certified Management Consultant, Oxford University Certified NVQ Adviser, Assessor & Verifier in Management.Sustainable Engineering & ManagementManagement Consultant
Nirja Mattoo10022CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)Chairperson, Center for Development of Corporate Citizenship (DoCC), IndiaCorporate Social ResponsibilityChairperson
Matej Michalko10023CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)Founder, CEO, DC DECENT, LondonCorporate Social ResponsibilityCEO
Milenko Gudić10024CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)Founding Director, REFOMENT Consulting and Coaching, SerbiaCorporate Social ResponsibilityFounding Director
Bernard Lee10025CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)Road Logica / Tecent Technical AdviserSustainable Business & ManagementTechnical Adviser
Abbie Chan10026CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)Po Leung Kuk Chair/ CEO, SquniaSustainable Business & ManagementCEO
Keith Yeung10027CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)Pagoda PrintingSustainable Business & ManagementBusiness
Angel Tam10028CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)JCI, National Executive VP/ CEO of Wedding BusinessSustainable Business & ManagementCEO
Yvonne Yuen10029CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)PhD (HKU)Sustainable WellnessSenior Lecturer
Pat Cheung10030CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)DMgt(A)(IMC), DMgt (SCU)Sustainability in EngineeringConsultant
Aaron WK Tong10031CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)DMgt (SCU),CengSustainability in EngineeringConsultant
Tommy CM Ho10032CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)PhD, PgCert, HonFHKEnv, HonFSEE, CEnv, FCABE, CBuildE, FAIBSustainability in Engineering
Om Chan10033CSDPFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)MA (HKPU), FCCA, FCMA, FCA, FCPA, FCPA(Aus)Sustainable BusinessAccountant
Ronald WM Mok10034CSDPFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)MBA (CUHK)Sustainable ManagementConsultant and Lecturer
Jacob D Wai10035CSDPFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)MBA (Wales), FRM, CMA, MHKCSSustainable Management & Information TechnologyManagement
Alison LY Yau10036CSDPFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)MSc (HKPU), CMASustainable Financing & InvestmentManagement
Dennis SK Yeung10037CSDPFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)MPhil (EDUHK)Sustainable ManagementLecturer
Sunny CS Yung10038CSDPFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)BMS (HKU), MBA (UniSA), AHKIBSustainable BusinessConsultant
Kevin MacKeown10039CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)Honorary professor (Department of Physics) of University of Hong KongWeather & Climate ChangeProfessor
Jacobus Root10040CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)Vice President Marketing at Shanghai (China) Jiao Tong UniversitySustainable BusinessProfessor
Gerhard Berchtold10041CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)PGDipEDM, Mag., MBA, MPA, MA, MEd, LLM, MSc, Dr.phil., LLD, PhD, Licenced Management ConsultantEnvironmental Technology and Waste ManagementProfessor
KK Yuen10042CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)PhD(Waikato)Education for Sustainable DevelopmentEducation Consultant
Sandy KL Chow10043CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)DMgt(SCU), MBASustainability in InsuranceCEO
Christina Leung10044CSDPFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)President, AWAHK (2015-16), CPA, FCCA, CTA(HK), AICS, ACS, BA (Hons) AccountingSustainability in InsurancePresident
Johnson Wong10045CSDPFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)Chairman, CMF, Ex-President, GAMAHK, Council Member, LUAHK, BA (Psychology), MBA, RFC, PFP,ChFC, FChFP, FHKCIP, FCAMASustainability in InsurancePresident
Pek Chuen Khee10046CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)PhD (Economics), GE (UK), FHEAEnvironmental valuation methodologies, Business sustainability and green innovation, Student soft-skills sustainabilityAssociate Professor
Nazrin Baghirova10047CSDPFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)Chief Policy Advisor, Ministry of Education of the Republic of AzerbaijanGender EqualityPolicy Advisor
Jessica Ying10048CSDPFwiSDP, CSDP (Founding Member)Postgraduate Student, Architecture University of TorontoCorporate Social ResponsibilityOverseas Ambassador, Canada
Wing-Keung Keith, Wong10049CSDPCSDPMediatorSustainable Development TrainerMediator & Trainer of Professional Training Association (PTA)
Emma Lin10050MwiSDPBA Student (Harvard)Sustainable Business and ManagementHarvard University
Overseas Ambassador, US
Yuen Suk-wah, Alison10051CSDPCSDPProfessional NurseSustainable WellnessRegistered Nurse
Fanny Mei Fong Lau10052CSDPCSDPPost-Doctoral (Oxon), EdD (UTS), MEd(Gloucestershire), PGDE(CUHK), BA(CUHK)Sustainable Education (Early Childhood Education)Postdoctoral Fellow
Ip Yun-kit10053CSDPCSDPDMgtSustainable Education Assistant Professor (CityU Macau)
Lim Chun-wah, Tommy10054CSDPCSDPMBASustainable EducationPTA Director
Wong Kai-wah10055CSDPCSDPBSc in EconomicsSustainable DevelopmentCustoms Senior Inspector
Ng Ka-cheong10056CSDPCSDPBASustainable DevelopmentCustoms Inspector
Chung Yuen-kei10057CSDPCSDPMSocSc(Crim)Sustainable DevelopmentCustoms Inspector
Ng Kwok-hei, Peter10058CSDPCSDPBScSustainable DevelopmentSenior member of Hong Kong Institute of Environmentalist
Wong Wing-chin, Vincent10059CSDPCSDPBScSustainable DevelopmentFellow of The Royal Society of Health
TSE Po-shu10060CSDPCSDPBScSustainable DevelopmentLaw Enforcement Agent
Liu Shik-kwan, Stephen10061AwiSDPSustainable Development
Chan Yim-yeung, Joe10062AwiSDPSustainable Development
Hui Ping-chun, Jackie10063AwiSDPSustainable Development
Wong Chung-ming10064AwiSDPSustainable Development
Ho Yuk-man10065AwiSDPSustainable Development
Sou Chi Ming10066CSDPCSDPMA in Public Order (Leicester), PgD in English & HK Law (MMU), LLB (MMU), PgD in Criminal Justice System (HK Technical Teacher's College)Sustainable DevelopmentLecturer (HK Institute of Technology),  Registered Social Worker
Hannah Koo10067CSDPCSDPPostDoc(Beijing Normal University), DMgt(IMC,UK), MSc(AIOU,Macau), HD(CityU), RQP,  MMB, CMC, MCIBSustainable Education Consultant
Wong Chi-mei10068CSDPCSDPEdD(UTS), MEd(OUHK), BBA(OUHK), MCIL Sustainable Education Deputy General Secretary (HKFTU)
FuLei10069CSDPCSDPMSc in Management (PKU),  BSc in Economics(PKU)Sustainable Financing & InvestmentInvestment Professional
Gloria Ma10070CSDPCSDPMSc in Administrative and Information Management (Edinburgh Napier), PgDip in Management Consulting and Change (HKU)Sustainable BusinessSenior Advertising Manager
Chen Yong-ming10071CSDPCSDPMBA (RUC)Sustainable BusinessPresident of Fujian Province CZX Holdings Co., Ltd.
Chan Kin-kwok10072CSDPCSDPMSc in Construction Management
Sustainable EngineeringAssistant External Plant Implementation Manager
Lam Chi-kin, Ken10073CSDPCSDPMSc in Project Management
Sustainable EngineeringSenior Project Manager
Eva Suen10074CSDPCSDPMBA (Sheffield)Sustainable DevelopmentCustoms Senior Inspector
Taurus Kwan10075CSDPCSDPBSc in Environmental Economics (McGill), Certified Carbon AuditorSustainable Financing and InvestmentConsultant
Jianzhong Lu10076CSDPSFwiSDP, CSDPPhD in E-Commerce (RMIT),   MSc in Industry Management & Innovation (ESP), BSc in Chemical Engineering (ZJU)Sustainable BusinessPresident, Weir Group, (China)
Kevin Yu10077CSDPCSDPBSc (Central South) in Powder Materials Science and EngineeringDevelopment & Implementation of Corporate Sustainable Development Planning Management SystemMaterial & Environmental Protection
Ranee Cheung10078CSDPCSDPMSc in Sustainability Management, ISSP-SA, CAPESG reporting, corporate sustainability consulting, data analysis, stakeholder engagement, strategy development, training and researchSenior Sustainability Consultant at CKP Sustainability Consultants
Lam Chi Cheung,  Albert10079CSDPCSDPB Eng at Robotics and Manufacturing, MSc at China Business StudiesCorporate Technological Transformation and AdaptationInformation Technology (IT)
Monaco Edoardo10080CSDPFwiSDP, CSDPPostgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Value Chains (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom), Executive Certificate in Economic Development (Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, USA), PhD International Relations (Yunnan University, China), MSc International Management (double degree, ICN Grande Ecole Business School, France & University of Bologna, Italy), LLB Law (University of Bologna, Italy)Sustainable development governance and rise of the Global South, with particular regard to: Holistic development paradigms and their measurement; Economic growth, diversification and inclusion; Natural resource management and sustainable value chains; Green and circular development; South-South cooperation.Academic, Director & Associate Professor
Wong Cheung-chi, Thomas10081CSDPCSDPAdjunct Professor, NJIST ; Senior Engineer (Textiles), FCTES, MHKITA ; Fellows, FBVCBS1. Luxury Fashion, 2. Animals Based Industries ( meat, leather, wool, down, pets, marine parks, animal lab testing, horse racing etc)Sustainability & Ethics Expert
Chan Mei Sum10082CSDPCSDPF. Inst. Pa / ICCT (APEI)English Trainer, Mediator, Writer and BroadcasterEnglish Trainer and Consultant, writer and Broadcaster
Ho Ka Wang10083CSDPCSDPPostgraduate Diploma in Sustainable Development, BA (Hons) in Public Administration and Management (Housing Specialization), CIHCMSustainable Development in Real Estate Management and Occupational Health & SafetyAssistant Property & Facility Manager
Tung Yan Yu10084CSDPCSDPPostgraduate Diploma in Sustainable Development and CSDPSustainable Development in Real Estate ManagementSenior Property Officer
To Yuk Ying,  Yvonne10085CSDPCSDPPost Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, BSc in Business, Management,  Management & FinanceSupply Chain Ethics & Sustainability ManagementCorporate Responsibility & Sustainability
Jintao Feng10086CSDPCSDPBABASustainable Business & ManagementProgram & Project Management, Business Administration & Management
Leung Ka Ho10087AwiSDPSustainable Development
Cheng Chung Ki10088AwiSDPSustainable Development
Lo Koon Cheung10089AwiSDPSustainable Development
Au Yeung Siu Nin10090AwiSDPSustainable Development
Yeung Pak Chuen10091AwiSDPBSc (Environmental Science)  Organic Farming and CompostingEnvironmental Science
Yip Cheung On, Alvin10092CSDPCSDP- Programme Director (Built Environment and Placemaking), UNESCO Hong Kong Association,
'- Visiting Professor and Vice Dean (City Design and Innovation), Central Academy of Fine Arts (Beijing)
Sustainability of Urban SystemProfessor, Design Consultant 
Lai Tak Fai, Larry10093CSDPCSDPMHSc(CUHK), Founder, HKCAL (The Hong Kong Cultural Association of Leaf- whistling)Education for Sustainable Development, ICH (Leaf-whistling)Chairperson
Yeung Ka Chi, Daniel10094CSDPCSDPBEng, MSc, CEngSustainabilitySenior Officer
Tse Wing Ning, Richard10095CSDPCSDPFDSc (Northampton), PGDip (CityU HK), MSc (Warwick), MBA (HKPU), MSc (HKU), Advanced Dip (C&G), FHKIE, LifeSMCMES, CEng FIET, FIMechE, FMS, CFIOSH, RSA, RSOCorporate Social Responsibility / Sustainable Financing & Investment / Sustainable Business & Management / Sustainability in EngineeringManagement, Engineering, Environment, Health, Safety, Security, Sustainability, Quality, Reliability and Training
Kelvin Ma Ka-lun10096CSDPCSDPEdD (EdUHK), MA (CityU HK), BSoSc (CityU HK)Quality assurance (QA), both internal and external, for institutions and learning programmes in the Vocational and Professional Education and Training (VPET) sector;Accreditation for VPET institutions and learning programmes under Qualifications Framework (QF)Education  Registrar
Botha Martine Alma10097MwiSDPSustainable Financing & Investment
Chan Yee Man Olivia10098MwiSDPSustainable Financing & Investment
Cheuk Charmaine10099MwiSDPSustainable Financing & Investment
Hemnani Shivani Anil10100MwiSDPSustainable Financing & Investment
Lewandowski  Marcel10101MwiSDPSustainable Financing & Investment
Lin  Dan10102MwiSDPSustainable Financing & Investment
Lin Jan10103MwiSDPSustainable Financing & Investment
Morris Charles10104MwiSDPSustainable Financing & Investment
Nakaya Ratsuki10105MwiSDPSustainable Financing & Investment
Ng Sheung Yu10106MwiSDPSustainable Financing & Investment
Sim Wei Mun10107MwiSDPSustainable Financing & Investment
Singh Binay10108MwiSDPSustainable Financing & Investment
Tang Vivian Lok Sze10109MwiSDPSustainable Financing & Investment
You Sau Wai Sophie10110MwiSDPSustainable Financing & Investment
Yuen Kin Man10111MwiSDPSustainable Financing & Investment
Kwok Po Ranee Cheung10112MwiSDPSustainable Financing & Investment
Wai Ling Marianna Chu10113MwiSDPSustainable Financing & Investment
Wai See Yvonne Dunn10114MwiSDPSustainable Financing & Investment
Lei Fu10115MwiSDPSustainable Financing & Investment
Taurus Yuet Fai Kwan10116MwiSDPSustainable Financing & Investment
Yik Fun Lam10117MwiSDPSustainable Financing & Investment
Kin Chung Liu10118MwiSDPSustainable Financing & Investment
Sze Wan Cholastica Tsoi10119MwiSDPSustainable Financing & Investment
Jun Hou Wong10120MwiSDPSustainable Financing & Investment
Wai Chung Yu10121MwiSDPSustainable Financing & Investment
Evan, Wong Jun-hou10122CSDPCSDPBSocSc in Environmental Policy (CityU)Sustainable Development, Corporate Social ResponsibilitySocial Compliance
Chung Yee-ha, Yida10123CSDPCSDPPhDSustainable Social WorkRegistered Social Worker/ Counsellor & Assistant Professor in Social Work
Andy, Fung wai Pong10124CSDPCSDP
Leung Man Ngo10125CSDPCSDPProperty Development
Ho Chi-Shing10126SFwiSDPBSc (MMU) , BEng (HKU), MBA (HKU)Sustainable Business & ManagementGeneral Manager, Adjunct Associate Professor
Lee Chi Kin, John10127SFwiSDPBSc (HKU), MSc (Oxon), Ed.M (CUHK), PhD (CUHK)Sustainable EducationProfessor
Ho Kin Chung10128CSDPSFwiSDPBSc Hons (CUHK), MSc (USAL), M.Ed (OUHK)Sustainable EducationProfessor
Leung Chi Chuen, Victor10129AwiSDP
Liu Ka Wai10130AwiSDP
Li Man Hei10131AwiSDP
Chan Yi Wun10132AwiSDP
Chan Eddie10133AwiSDP
Chen Sze Wa Americana10134AwiSDPBSc (Econ) UCLSustainable ResearchUniversity Student, freelance writer
Tsang Chi Wing, Alex10135CSDPFwiSDPPhD in Chemistry (CUHK)Sustainable Chemistry, Engineering Research and EducationChartered Chemical Engineer, Chartered Chemist, Chartered Environmentalist
Sustainable construction materialsCivil and Materials Engineer and Researcher
Fung Siu Fung10137CSDPCSDPMSc in High
Performance Building (Distinction)
Digital construction technologies, offsite construction, data analytics for building energy managementInstructor
Iu Tsun Fai10138CSDPCDSPBEng (Hons), MSc, MCIArb, MICE, CengIndustry, Innovation, and Infrastructure; Sustainable Cities and Communities; Good Health and WellbeingCivil Engineer
Cheng Chi Wai10139CSDPCSDPBEng(MCL), MSc(ENV), BSc(Health&Safety), MSc(Proj Mgt), BEng(ELL), PgCert(BUD), MSc(CRE)


Sustainable EngineeringChartered Engineer, Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner, Chartered Construction
Manager, Chartered Environmentalist and Chartered Quantity Surveyor.
Chan Man Wai10140CSDPCSDPDoctor of Business AdministrationFinanceVice President, Senior District Financial Planning Manager
Man Kam Wa10141CSDPCSDPMaster of Engineering in Engineering ManagementConstructionFacilities Management
Wong Wing Sze, Queenice10142CSDPCSDPExecutive Diploma in Sustainability, ESG and Green Finance2030 SDGs Game Facilitator / Sustainability TrainerSustainability Trainer
Tse Tam Biu10143CSDPCSDPMBA, BBA, Graduate Diploma (TESOL), Diploma in Fraud, Safety supervisionEducation and EnvironmentClaim Manager, Loss Adjusters
Leung Wing Ping10144CSDPCSDPPost Graduate in Accounting & Finance, BSCSustainable Business & ManagementConsultant
Cheung Kin Yu10145CSDPCSDPPost Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Development (HiESD), Bachelor of Social Science (Architectural Studies)(CUHK)Architectural Project Planning, Product Design Architecture
Yuen Ho Kai Lawrence10146CSDPCSDPBachelor of Arts Business Administration with Concentration in Finance and ManagementCertified Trust Planner, Proficiency Certificate og Green Finance and ESGUnit Manager
Lam Tsz Kai10147CSDPCSDPEducation & Professional Qualification
Sustainability and Environmental Engineering / Sustainability Education / Corporate Social Responsibility / Carbon and Waste Management/ Sustainable Business & ManagementSustainability and Environmental Engineer/ Green Building Consultant / Sustainability Educator
Chan Ho Ting Veronica
10148CSDPCSDPMSc International Tourism and Convention Management (Poly U), BSc in Social Sciences (HKU)Sustainable Tourism, Sustainable Business & Management, Sustainable DevelopmentEvent Management, Public Relations
Lai Yee Man10149CSDPCSDPBachelor of Arts with Honours (Accounting)ESG reporting, corporate sustainability consulting, data analysis, stakeholder engagement, strategy development, training and researchConsultancy
Yeung Chi Kwong10150CSDPCSDPBSc in Electronic EngineeringSustainable Development in electronic and electrical recycling Director of HK WEEE Recycling Association
President of HK WEEE Education Association
Li Gar Men10151CSDPCSDPEducation & Professional Qualification
Corporate Communications and ESG Practitioner
ESG Reporting, CSR ProgramCorporate Communications
Wan Yiu Kee10152CSDPCSDPMBA (CUHK), BBA (HKBU)Specialties in Sustainable Development
Provide Sustainable solutions to the industry
General Manager of BD8 Ecoplastics Limited
Shin Wing Leung Warren
10153CSDPCSDPMBA & MA in (Applied) Psychology
NLP Master, NGH , ABH & MCC
Development Training & ManagementDirector & Company Sec.
Diana Yue10154CSDPCSDPBachelor of Commerce(UoA)
Corporate Communications and ESG Practitioner
Sustainable Community Investment, ESG ReportingCorporate Communications
Lok Choi Shuen10155CSDPCSDPESG & SDG Certificate ProgrammeESG reporting, corporate sustainability consulting, strategy development, and trainingCompliance
Lan Ka Chi10156CSDPCSDPMaster of Corp Fin, Msc E-comm, Beng (Hons)Sustainable I. T.Software System Architect
Lee Man Wai10157CSDPCSDP
Siu Wai Kwan, Amy10158CSDPSFwiSDP- Professional Diploma of Housing Management (HKU Space)
- HWL Business Studies (CUHK)
- Critical Issues in Facilities Management (City U)
Real estate services and housing management Real estate services and housing management
Yip Wing Yan10160CSDPCSDPISA CA, MICE, BEng Urban forestry, landscape and environmental assessment Arboriculture, civil and environmental engineering
Yeung Chi Ho, Raymond10161CSDPCSDPBEng. (Mechanical)Technology in EducationEducation
Chao Weng Wai10162CSDPCSDPMBA(Assets and Property Management), F.CPMReal Estate and Property Management, Building Renovation and MaintenanceProperty Management
Zenobia Chan10163CSDPCSDPMaster of ScienceSustainable product research & developmentQualified IFA Armoatherapist
Brian Yau10164CSDPCSDPMaster of ArtSpecialties in Sustainable Development
Education, Training, Organizational Development, Creative Strategy, Business Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Psychological Therapy, Coaching and Consultation
Educator, Trainer and Consultant
Chui Hon Lam10165CSDPCSDPBEng(CivE), MICE, CEng, Beam Pro (ND) Sustainable Engineering and ConstructionCivil Engineering
Chan Siu Fu10166CSDPCSDPBEng(Civil), BBA(HRM), BSc(H&S), LL.B, BEng(FQ&S), MSc(QM), MSc(EBM), PgD(SDP) RSO, RSA, CertEnvMgr, MCMI
Miriam Lee10167CSDPFwiSDPESG consultancy, sustainable community development, conservation of built heritage and landscapeConsultant and researcherEducator, Trainer and Consultant
Lam Wai Fong10168CSDPCSDPBA(Hons) & Certified PMPSustainable Business & ManagementExecutive Assistant
Lo Ka Ching10169CSDPCSDPPhDChemistry & PollutionEducation
LUN Shu Lam10170CSDPCSDPMaster of Business Adminstration, MBAResponsible Officer (R.O.)
Cheung Hon Keung, Vincent10171CSDPCSDPMBA, M.Acc, BA(Hons), FCPA, FCCA, ACSISustainable DevelopmentDirector, Finance and Investment
Lo Koon Cheung10172CSDPCSDPPostgraduatePress
Sin Wing Man, Kathy10173CSDPCSDPChartered Secretary and Ghartered Governance ProfessionalSustainability auditCompany Secretary
Cheuk Pik Ha10174CSDPCSDPMBAReporting and consultation for employment, human right, employee's well-being, CSR, Training & Development, OSHCHuman Resources Management, Business Consulting
Chow Yui Cheung, Clement10175CSDPCSDPBBACertified ESG planner, ESG planningFinancial Planning, ESG Planning, Wealth&Asset Management
Man Kwok Leung, Donald10176CSDPCSDPFCMA, FIPA, FFA, FAIA, AiNED, HKICPA-IA, CMC-Global
Lui Wing Hung, Samson10177CSDPCSDPMEng, LLM, C-MBA, AHKIoD, AiNED, HKICPA(IA), FCMA, FIPA, FFA, FAIA, MIMC, CMC-GlobalE-waste collection and recycling and scarp metals recycling
Ng Chin Fai, Stephen10178CSDPCSDPJD, MBA, PGDip(Oxon), FCMA, CGMA, CMC, CGPCerified Management Consultant
Ng Shu Kong, Chris10179CSDPCSDPCMC, FIPA, FCMA (Aus) Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Business ManagementFinancial Controller
Lo Chi Kwong, Eric10180CSDPCSDPMSc(PolyU), CMC, HKICPA(IA), MIPA, CMASustainable Education, Sustainable Business and ManagementConsultant, Trainer
Chan Yiu Kei, Charles10181CSDPFwiSDPMSSc, MSc, PGD, CMC CBC MIHRM RSCACSR/ESG Strategic Planning, ESG Reporting, Governance, Green Office, Safe & Healthy Work Environment, Stakeholders EngagementIn-house consultant & practitioner in: Corporate Human Capital/Talent Management, Learning (T&D), Organizational Development (OD), Employee Engagement, Transformation & Change, CSR & Sustainability
Tong Chun Yu, Chris10182CSDPCSDPFCCA, CIA, EFFAS-Certified ESG AnalystESG ReportingInternal Audit and Accounting
Siu Chi Yiu, Kenny10184CSDPCSDPPhD, SurveyorGreen Finance, Carbon CreditsFinance Practitioner and real estate professional