Certification (CSDP)

Certification by WISDP is a process to recognize one’s professionalism in the field of sustainable development planning. Being certified in a designated field means that members are recognized by current and prospective employers and their clients for their professional achievements. The establishment of a standard in professional competency will be useful for their long-term career goals. After becoming a professional member of WISDP, the pursuit of professional certification in highly recommended as evidence of one’s commitment to Sustainable Development Planning.

The Certified Sustainable Development Planner (CSDP) certification is awarded by the WISDP to professionals who have met the standards in training and have accumulated work experiences in Sustainable Development Planning. These include professional standards in knowledge, competency, skills and culture. Recipients of the CSDP certification by WISDP can demonstrate his/her professionalism and capabilities in integrating sustainable development into their careers, industries as well as his/her career position. Certified Sustainable Development Planners of WISDP may use the CSDP Designation and CSDP Logo to identify his/her professionalism in sustainable development.

Requirements for the CSDP

Education: A college degree or equivalent experience.

Experience: Three years on a full-time job in support of sustainable development.

Training: Completed professional training (level 5-6) in sustainable development recognized by WISDP.

Certification Process

(1) Applicant should complete the Individual Membership Application Form and return it to the Administration of WISDP together with the Application Fee.

(2) WISDP Admissions Committee will assess the application and arrange a certification interview.

(3) Applicants should attend the certification interview when interviewers assess the knowledge, competency, skills and culture of the applicant.

(4) WISDP will inform applicants about their certification results via email within 3 weeks after the interview.

(If the applicant fails the certification interview, he/she may re-apply for CSDP certification according to the WISDP guidelines shown in the certification interview results.)