Certification (CSDC)

Certification by WISDP is a process to recognize a corporation’s professionalism in the field of sustainable development planning. On being certified in its designated field, a corporation will be recognized by others such as government agencies and its clients for its professional achievements. The establishment of a standard of professional competency enhances a corporation’s reputation and competitiveness. After becoming a corporate member of WISDP, the pursuit of professional certification is highly recommended as evidence of a corporation’s commitment to Sustainable Development Planning.

The Certified Sustainable Development Corporation (CSDC) certification is awarded by the WISDP to corporations who have met the requirements in support of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development goals which include professional standards in business operation, strategies, culture and achievement. Corporations who receive the CSDC certification by WISDP are able to demonstrate their professionalism, support and contributions to sustainable development in their respective businesses and industries. Certified Sustainable Development Corporations of WISDP may use the CSDC Designation and CSDP Logo to identify their support and contributions to sustainable development.

(1) Applicant should complete the Corporate Membership Application Form and return it to the Administration of WISDP together with the Application Fee.

(2) WISDP Admissions Committee will assess the application and arrange a certification interview.

(3) Representatives of the applying corporation should attend the certification interview when interviewers assess the support and contributions of the corporation to sustainable development.

(4) WISDP will inform corporations about their certification results via email within 3 weeks after the interview.

(If the corporation fails the certification interview, they may re-apply for CSDC certification according to the WISDP guidelines shown in the certification interview results.)

Certification: At least one senior management member of the corporation should be a CSDP of WISDP.

Support & Contribution: Commitment shown in support of sustainable development.

Training: The Corporation has provided adequate training in sustainable development for their staff.

When a corporation has fully passed the certification interview, WISDP will send a CSDC Certificate to the corporation and inform them about the successful admission of their membership. WISDP will update the Corporate Membership List in the WISDP Website with the details of the corporation’s new CSDC membership.

When a corporation has partially passed the certification interview for reasons such as insufficient contribution to sustainable development, they may be awarded membership as a Recognized Sustainable Development Corporation and a certificate will be awarded.

(Corporations with membership of Recognized Sustainable Development Corporation may apply to become CSDC when they acquire sufficient contributions to sustainable development.)